Chicken casserole

Made this with a good friend.

We just add creme fraiche with fried chicken, broccoli, and corn, can add more but this is what we had at home. Cook ten min. Serve with basmati rice. Easy dinner and very goood. Enjoy!

Pizza time!

Me and my friends didn't feel like making our own food, So we orded pizza, a damn large one.

Had a nice time with pizza, beer and a movie. We saw the movie Moon, a Sci-Fi from 2009 with actors like Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey. I recomend it strongly. Check out more on it on You wont regret it!

Het kycklingsoppa / Hot chicken soup

Yesterday i made a realy nice hot chicken soup. I have made it before because i like it so much.

1 big onion
2 chicken breast
2.5 dl cream
one apple
1l crushed tomatoes
black peppar
2 vegetable stock cube
Optional cayenne pepper
 Fry onions, curry and the apple.
After they have got some color add chicken. Before adding it you can shred it.
After the chicken is well done.
Add tomatoes, stock cube, pepper, cream. And optional, to make it hot cayenne pepper. 

Cook for 10 min. 


Cannelloni on leeks and smoked pork

Made som lovley cannelloni for dinner. 

2 leeks
3 cups water
1 piece of meat & vegetable broth, dice
400 g smoked pork
250 g lasagna, fresh
1 tablespoon butter
2 cups sour cream, light
100 g cheese
Oven temperature 225C

First slice the leeks. Boil the water and stock cube. Add the leek and cook it with lid about 3 min. After collect the broth.
Add sour cream and half the cheese in the broth, making a 

Turn on the oven meanwhile slice smoked pork mix with the leek and pepperPlace lasagna plates and divide the mixture well and roll them together. Add them in a greased form and pour the sauce over.

Cook for 20 minutes.
 Enjoy like i did :)

A drink called sniff

It tastes good and is a very interesting how to drink it. It tastes good and is a very interesting how to drink. I don't have pictures of how to drink, but i will try to explain.

First lit the alcohol (try sambuca or any suggestion from the bartender) after it's lit you take you hand over it and make sure the fire ends. Inhale fumes. Now you drink it up. There will be some drops left in the glass. These you pour on to the little pit on the bottom of the shot glass. These few drops, sniff them hard. I don't know if the effect will be stronger with sniff but it's more fun to drink in a bar.

I found a handfull of chanterelles! :)

Yesterday i was out for a walk. It rained some nights ago, wich is perfect for mushrooms to grow. I could only pick a handfull but it became a realy nice little meal.

Before frying

The best seasoning for mushrooms are white pepper and little salt. Yummy :)